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Personalized online marketing solutions for financial service providers

As consumers resort to the internet for almost everything, it is important to establish the credibility of your business on the internet. Before the customer decides to contact you, they are likely to do a decent amount of research about your business on the internet. They’ll look through your website for reviews and services or products you provide.

When you are a company offering financial services, your online credibility is more important than any other business. When it comes to finances, people won’t trust any random company. In this rapidly changing digital world, you’ll need a marketing plan that is exclusive to your needs and business niche. This is where our digital marketing for credit unions will come to your rescue.

What does digital marketing for financial services include?

Our comprehensive digital marketing plan includes designing an optimized website, paid advertising, boosting your social media presence, and enhancing your credibility among local target customers. If you want to expand your business, you’ll need online marketing for financial services. This will help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Case Study Overview

A financial institute came to us wanting our help to drive online conversions at a low CPA. They also wanted to build brand awareness and attracta more specific audience. We used multiple display advertising tactics to target their specific audience. We also helped them improve their overall advertising performance by keeping the CPA below $270.


We developed a strategy by integrating the best practices of Search Retargeting and also implemented SEO strategies. Our keywords-based strategies enhanced the campaign performance by optimizing their website according to certain niche keywords. This helped us to reach the target audience precisely. The campaign’s performance was monitored on a weekly basis and we made tweaks in the campaign as necessary. We also conducted a geofencing marketing campaign which allowed us to target potential customers that entered their competitor’s offices or any nearby building that provides financial services.


As a result, we saw significant growth month after month. With the help of all our tactics and strategies. We were able to deliver a CPA of $120 which exceeded the client’s initial goal of $270. The CTR reached 0.08% during the campaign’s first month, 0.12% during the second month, and 0.15% during the third month.

How can a digital marketing agency help your business?

A secure and functional website

You will have a fast website with the best features to deliver an exceptional browsing experience. The website will be secure to ensure the privacy of your customers to prevent any kind of data breach.

Attract new deposits

When you have enhanced visibility on the search engine results, the people looking for your services on the internet will be able to find you easily. This will help you gain new prospective clients.

Add a personal touch

A professional agency will understand your goals, your business story, and your core values to bring your brand to life by depicting the same in your website design and content.

Build credibility

A well-designed website with informative content will not only look professional but will help your audience resonate with your brand. This will build trust in them.

With digital marketing for financial services, you will be able to put your best foot forward. With an integrated approach that involves various strategies such as paid marketing, curating social media strategies, and attracting more local as well as global traffic.

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Why choose Mocentric?

We specialize in helping credit unions attract more leads.

Backed with data

All of our campaigns are backed with data to ensure maximum results. We don’t propose campaigns on a mere hunch, we study your business and provide a data-driven marketing strategy.

Catering to your goals

Do you need more qualified members? Do you want to boost your brand value? Whatever your main goal is, we promise our marketing strategies will help achieve them.

Niche expertise

Our marketing team has helped many credit unions achieve their desired ROI with the help of digital marketing. Our specially crafted content and branding can do the same for your business.


We are a team of web designers, SEO experts, content markets, paid advertising professionals, and social media strategists. We love working collaboratively to help businesses unleash their true potential.

Experienced professionals

Our marketing team has been helping businesses master their presence on the search engine for more than a decade.

If you’re interested to learn more about digital marketing for credit unions or to understand how our services can help you achieve your dream ROI- then make sure to get in touch with us for a 30 minute, free session with our experts to provide an overview about your business and see what can be done in terms of marketing.

If you want to see a real example of how our marketing services have helped a credit union, continue reading the case study below!