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What Is Geofencing, and What Makes It Work?

Mocentric’s geofencing advertising services in Kansas City are designed to target specific audiences at a personal level. Geofencing utilizes advanced technology that lends itself to advertising based on location. This will help your marketing strategy by creating a “reach” for your audience at the correct location. Our location targeted marketing services in Kansas City consist of a highly precise geofencing network that lets your business connect with digital device owners in a specific radius. Advertising through geofencing is the most accurate and efficient way for your business to be visible exactly where your target audience is located.

We deliver top-of-the-line, location-based marketing services so your brand can generate quality leads by reaching the target audience that is actively searching for your products and services.

What can geofencing marketing do for your business?

Enhance local sales

Local businesses usually focus on the low-hanging fruit of potential customer bases within the surrounding area. With location-based marketing from Mocentric’s geofencing services in Kansas City, your company will be able to reach customers who are more likely to use services and buy products in their local area. Customers will be far more keen on visiting your local business after being made aware of your local business. The end result? Long-term sales increases.

Increase brand awareness

Geofencing advertising decreases the likelihood of unwanted ad clicks. Thanks to its high accuracy, your ads will only appear to users if they are in your locally targeted area. Instead of increasing customer frustrations with unwanted ads and wasting your ad spend budget, you can advertise your services to local shoppers who are in the right area and who are purposefully looking for your products or services.

Knock out the competition

Geofencing is one of the best ways you can get a leg up on your competition. We use geofencing to find potential customers within the range of your competitors as well. As soon as your ideal customer steps inside the geofence, your ad will be displayed on their mobile device as soon as they begin shopping. That is often all it takes to draw them to your business after they walk through the door of your competitor!

Enhanced engagement

Send your message to the people who are looking for your products and services. Combined with tactical targeting perimeters, geofencing can also add an appealing personal touch to your marketing campaign. This also increases the chances of your business reaching the people who are specifically looking for what you’re selling.

Target high-profile events

If your company or organization is hosting a specific event, you can cater your advertising to that time and location. Whether it’s a concert inside a rec center you want to geofence or a parade inside the city limits on a weekend, we will place your ads based around that location and time frame.

Customize highly advanced advertisements

Mocentric can combine geotargeting with appealing advertising to your target audience. Geotargeting can funnel your audience by utilizing both their previous browsing behavior and past transactions.

Guaranteed impressions

Our geofencing advertising services in Kansas City will target your ads to the correct audience based on buyer behavior. If their interest is already piqued with similar products and services, your ad will filter and appear to that person.

Format and multi-channel reach

Programmatic advertising opens the door to a variety of possibilities. Your advertisement can reach target audiences across multiple devices including laptops, mobile phones, Amazon Fire, Roku, tablets, and much more.

More efficient than IP targeting

Advertising services through geofencing don’t only reach a wider audience than IP targeting, it also employs a wider variety of multiple creative formats such as video, OTT, and static image ads.

What is my geofencing price point?

Geofencing marketing is an innovative tool that increases your brand’s reach and awareness among targeted audiences. That being said, there is no flat rate we can give you when it comes to pricing this type of service. Geofencing costs are going to depend on a combination of things, such as how many geofences you decide to employ, their size, the scope of the targeted area, and the specific tools you want to use to measure metrics.

The best way to get this answer is to consult with our experts to discuss your digital marketing goals, and we can provide an accurate assessment and quote.

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Why Choose Mocentric?

Here’s what makes us worth your investment and your time:

Our targeting is better

Geofencing works by creating both a literal and metaphorical barrier with artificial intelligence and software programs that react to electronic devices. Once a person with a mobile phone or other electronic device enters this threshold, your ad automatically reaches their smartphone.

We can drive your target audience to your business through our precise location-based marketing techniques.

Behavioral pattern marketing

Geofencing makes the behavior of your target audience visible to your business. You’ll know who has visited your geofence within the last three to six months.

Multi-scale campaigns

With the right geofencing advertising, you don’t have to only target the Kansas City area. In fact, you can target any household, neighborhood, or tri-state area across the U.S. if you want to!

Reliable results

Our tried and true geofencing strategies have provided a window to the thousands of users who provide insights with their search habits and travel patterns. We have the technology to track every device that receives your ad and provide you with analytics of potential customer foot traffic.

Campaigns tailored to you

We optimize your geofencing based around your goals by targeting your specific audience niche.

Our services are affordable

We offer effective location-based marketing services and tools that don’t require excessive monetary investment on your end.

Is geofencing effective?

Geofencing is an effective way to let customers know about special deals you’re offering. If you want to target a specific audience in a given area with ads for your local business, geofencing will help you reach that audience with creative advertising on multiple devices. Give us a call, and we’ll get you started with a consultation that is filled with actionable insights. After all, you want your business to consistently grow, and Mocentric’s geofencing advertising services in Kansas City can help you meet and even exceed that goal!

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