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How Does Geofencing Work?

Our Philadelphia geofencing advertising services target your specified audiences on a granular level. Our innovative, area-specific marketing displays your ads in front of the right group of people at the right location, and at precisely the right time. With planned accuracy, you connect your message to mobile users whose online behavior demonstrates a need or want for your products or services.

What geofencing marketing can do for your business

Grow your local sales

As a local business owner, you can target an audience in your direct vicinity. You can reach out to the folks walking past your front door and who are driving down the street where you’re located. With such precise advertising, the most probable result is an increase in sales.

Improve your brand recognition

With our geofencing advertising services in Philadelphia, your ads appear on the devices of only those people who are more prone to want or need what you offer. And because they are within your local target area, they become more aware of your brand and more likely to walk through your front door.

Leap beyond the competition

Geofencing advertising gives you a head start against your competitors, because when potential customers move into your “geofence,” your message appears on their device. This immediately lets them choose your business over a competitor who is farther away.

Near-direct engagement

Geofencing engages potential customers at the point where they come within range of a specific location. If you happen to be in that vicinity, it’s almost like opening your doors and inviting them in. That kind of virtual personal touch gives you an optimal edge over your competitors.

Event engagement

You can target specific events based on their time and location, or you can geofence buildings used for specific events. For instance, if you sell home and garden supplies and the local convention center is hosting a home and garden show over the weekend, you could engage with a specific audience while they attend the show.

High-tech customizable ads

Track the movements of your audience and engage them with creative graphics, banners, and display ads that reflect their past browsing history and transactions.

Assured impressions

Your website is visible to an audience whose search behavior has shown an interest in the kinds of products or services your offer.

Multiple channels and a wide scope of formats

Programmatic advertising removes the boundaries of your audience engagement. You can reach them on any device they use (phone, tablet, Amazon Firestick, Roku, laptops) and at every touchpoint you want.

More agile than IP targeting

The precision of our geofencing advertising services runs circles around IP targeting, and enables you to advertise across multiple formats like video ads, static ads, and OTT (Over The Top Advertising).

Services that won’t bust your budget

Our innovative geofencing advertising services in Philadelphia increase brand awareness and ensure higher reach with your target audiences. The cost depends upon which advertising strategies you use and the reach you want to attain. We also factor in the number and size of your geofences and what tools you want to use. We consult with you to determine your exact requirements, and will then recommend a cost-effective targeted marketing plan that matches your criteria and your budget.

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Our strategies and innovation will scale your ROI

Superior targeting

Imagine a corral encircled by a fence that allows only people you designate to come and go. Those people are chosen based on your selected demographics and location and their online browsing and buying behavior. When anyone who fits your designated audience enters the corral, your ad appears on their device. Your “geofence” ensures that your ads go to an ideal audience at precise locations, at the proper time.

Behavior-based marketing

The data collected from geofencing pinpoints where your target audience has visited over the past three to six months. With that data, you know what areas in Philadelphia to include in your location targeting to improve your chances of increasing your target audience.

Choose the size of your campaigns

You choose the number of households and businesses you want to target in the U.S., or even the world, and then put a geofence around those specific areas. Our Philadelphia geofencing services are scalable and guaranteed to deliver improved impressions.

Results you can count on

We test all of our geofencing strategies multiple times in real-world scenarios, and our success is measured by the improved engagement reported to us by thousands of our users. We track every device on which your ad appears, and then provide you with the results and an analysis of all traffic that entered your location, visited your website, or clicked on your ad.

Exclusive campaigns

We study and analyze your business and your goals to pinpoint your ideal audience so that we can design a geofencing plan strategically optimized for your brand and your goals.

Cost-effective marketing

We provide high conversion and precise location-based marketing services that won’t flatten your wallet!

The effectiveness of geofencing

Geofencing ads reach a specific demographic of people, at a specific location, at a specific time. You can engage your target audience with specific ads, across multiple platforms, at any of those locations and times. With all that specificity, the effectiveness of geofencing advertising speaks for itself.

We’re ready to consult with you about our geofencing advertising services in Philadelphia and determine the best strategies to help scale your business. Schedule your consultation today!

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