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The Efficiency of Geofencing

Our San Diego geofencing advertising services reach your audiences in real time, no matter where they are or what time they’re there. Our geofencing advertising expertise gets your brand in front of the world at a nano level.

Mocentric geofencing advertising services benefit your business

Boost local traffic and sales

You can target a local audience specific to your business, one that has demonstrated online behavior that suggests they are likely to use your products or services.

Broader brand awareness

The accuracy of our geofencing advertising services in San Diego ensures targeting only those audiences in your targeted area who meet your needs and criteria.

Supersede the competition

You can geofence the area where your competitors are located, and when your target audience enters that area, your ads will display on their devices, offering you as an alternative to your competition.

Personalized engagement

Engage your audience at the exact place and time you designate, with ads designed to appeal directly to them, using data regarding their online browsing and shopping habits.

Event targeting

Engage your audience at the specific time of an event, where that event is happening, in real time.

High precision, tailored ads

Appeal to your audience with creative banner ads that target their browsing history and previous transactions.

Guaranteed impressions

Your ads will be targeted to a designated audience that has demonstrated interest in products and services similar to what you offer.

Multiple channels and formats

Connect with your audiences on whatever devices they use (mobile, laptop, tablet), and no matter what online platform they use (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook).

More precision than IP address targeting

Our geofencing advertising services in San Diego are more precise than IP targeting, and allow you to engage your audiences across multiple creative advertising formats.

Our geofencing services won’t flatten your wallet

One size does not fit all. You choose the number and size of your geofences and the tools you want to use based on your marketing budget and desired ad spend. We focus on your ROI.

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Why choose us?

We’re focused on your campaign efficacy and cost-effectiveness!

Superior targeting

Our location targeting services in San Diego create a virtual barrier system (a geofence) around a specific area, targeting an audience that has demonstrated a need for your kinds of products or services. The moment a member of your audience enters this barrier, your ad is displayed on their device.

Marketing based on audience behavior

We collect data that shows the locations your target audience has visited in the past three to six months, then we geofence those locations to extend your audience engagement.

Customized campaigns

You can target as many precise locations and businesses in the country, and everywhere else for that matter. You choose a specific building, a city, a county, a whole state… the world!

Solid results

We test all our geofencing strategies, then we test them again, and we provide you with actionable insight you can use to modify and extend your geofencing advertising campaign.

Exclusive campaigns

From our extensive data, we identify an ideal audience specific to your business, not that of your competitors, and we develop a geofence strategy based on your criteria.

Cost-effective geofencing services

You define all the parameters and criteria to match what you want to spend, then we focus on your ROI.

Geofencing is precision advertising

You can’t miss when you target a specific group of people, at any location where they happen to be at a designated time. With geofencing, you get a bona fide increase of impressions.

Reach out to our geofencing advertising services today and let’s talk about how you can engage your exact audience to increase traffic and scale your business.

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