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Geofencing Mechanics

Our geofencing advertising services in Seattle target your audiences at a granular level. Our advanced location-based marketing strategies ensure your ads engage your relevant audience at the right place and at the right time. With high precision, Our geofencing ad networks let you engage with mobile users at a designated area. Which means your brand gets to be right where they are.

We deliver proven location-based, targeted marketing services that get your brand viewed by consumers who are most likely to be converted into sales.

How Mocentric geofencing marketing can help your business

Elevates local sales

The best marketing strategy for your business is to target local consumers who could potentially visit your business—people more likely to purchase your products or services. Our geofencing advertising services reach out to those consumers in your targeted vicinity, which increases your chance of closing sales.

Increase brand awareness

It’s common knowledge that advertising works, and with the accuracy of geofencing advertising—getting your ads in front of a select audience at a specific location—advertising becomes even more effective. We ensure your ads appear only on the devices of people who are in your targeted location, and who have demonstrated online behavior that suggests they want the products or services you offer.

Eclipse the competition

Our geofencing advertising services in Seattle give you more than a competitive advantage over your competitors. With geofencing you can locate your business virtually in their same area. When a potential customer enters your specified “geofence,” your ad will appear on the phones of potential customers in that area, which offers them an opportunity to select your business instead of your competitors’.

Enhanced engagement

Geofencing lets you engage audiences at the right place, at the right time, and with a poignant and personalized touch. You can create ads that appeal to a target audience more likely to engage with your brand and to discover what you offer.

Event targeting

You can target an audience at an event on a specific day and at a precise time. You target a designated building where an event will be held, or you can target that specific event. We can help you define the perfect parameters for targeting specialized locations.

Customizable ads

We’ll help you create ads with the agility to appeal to target audiences on all platforms with the specific message that appeals to them.

Guaranteed impressions

Our geofencing advertising experts serving Seattle will help you directly target an audience whose online browsing behavior demonstrates an interest in the products and services similar to yours.

Multi-channel and format reach

Whatever device your target audience uses to browse or stream, geofencing has the ability to reach your audience at every digital touchpoint possible!

More precise than IP targeting

Our geofencing services allow you to create ads that traverse multiple formats—video, static ads, over-the-top (OTT)—and exceed the limitations of IP targeting.

Cost-effective and precisely targeted

Our innovative geofencing marketing services ensure brand awareness across a broad geographic range to reach a targeted audience specific to the needs of your brand. The cost of geofencing depends upon the requirements you define in your advertising strategy—audience size, the number and size of your geofences, and the tools needed to put the plan into action. We consult with you to determine your exact requirements so we can develop a plan that matches your needs.

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What we can do for you

We’ll ensure your geofencing campaign is successful and cost-effective!

Better targeting

You choose the size and area of your geofence, and we’ll ensure that everyone defined in your target audience who steps within that fence is engaged with your ads.

Predictable marketing

By selecting a specific location that has been visited in the past three to six months by consumers in your target audience, you increase the number of people who become more aware of your brand.

Global campaigns

With ads agile enough to engage a broad target audience, you can target your ads to any number of households in a single area, the United States, or even overseas. Your ads can be directed around the world.

Proven results

We have tested all our geofencing strategies multiple times, and we have the numbers to show our success in driving engagement for big corporations and small businesses alike. We track every device that engages your ad, and we provide you the results so you can track the success of your campaign.

Exclusive campaigns

We study your business goals and consult with you to define your ideal audience so we can develop a geofence strategy optimized specifically to your brand.

Affordable services

The ROI you enjoy from our geofencing strategies will make our services not only affordable, but also essential to your business.

Geofencing effectiveness

Geofencing ads optimize the way you engage with potential customers. When you connect with your target audience across multiple platforms with a specific offer, you create a personalization that further improves your chances that consumers will choose your brand over the competition. Contact Mocentric’s location targeted marketing in Seattle today, and let’s talk about a geofencing strategy to scale your brand beyond your expectations.

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