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The Gears of Geofencing

On a micro level, our geofencing marketing services in Tampa Bay engage in real time an audience with online browsing and shopping patterns that demonstrate their desire for products similar to what your brand offers. And that engagement targets them at any location, at the moment they are there.

Your brand grows stronger with Mocentric geofencing advertising services

Increased local traffic boosts sales

You can target a specific audience local to your business, potential customers who have online search patterns that suggest they seek products or services similar to what your brand offers.

Broader brand engagement

The precision of the geofencing advertising strategy we design for your brand ensures targeting an audience exclusive to your business criteria and targeted areas.

Evolve beyond your competition

You can geofence the location of a competitor, and when your target audience steps inside that “fence,” your ads appear instantly on their devices, offering you as a competitive alternative.

Personalize your engagement

Knowing the online browsing and shopping patterns of your target audience, you can engage them with ads designed specifically for them, wherever they are and whenever they’re online.

Target events in real-time

Pick an event, target the building where it will occur, and engage your audience with a tailored ad at the exact moment and location the event happens.

Tailored, high-precision ads

You can engage your audience with creative banner ads and dynamic graphics that appeal directly to the target audience you have specifically identified.

Real impressions, not empty clicks

Your ads will be targeted to only that audience who has demonstrated online behavior that suggests their interest in products and services similar to your brand.

A galaxy of channels and formats

Engage your audiences on the exact devices they use (laptop, mobile, tablet) and on whatever online platform they prefer (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok).

Better precision than IP targeting

IP targeting can’t come close to the innovation of geofencing advertising strategies and cannot provide precise engagement with your target audience across multiple formats and platforms.

Our geofencing services add bang to your buck

You call the shots. Choose the number of geofences and their size and select specific tools based on your allotted ad spend marketing budget. Our geofencing marketing services in Tampa Bay will provide your lucrative ROI.

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What’s so great about Mocentric?

We sincerely want your campaign to succeed with a big ROI!

Unsurpassed targeting

With a geofence (a virtual container) around a designated area, you can engage an audience that has specifically shown a need or desire for your kinds of products or services. Once a member of your audience steps inside that fence, your ad displays immediately on their device.

Target audience behavior

The comprehensive data our geofencing marketing services in Tampa Bay collect provides the geographical locations your target audience has visited the past three to six months. We geofence those locations to engage your ideal audience.

Tailored marketing

You can target any location, business, event, and audience in the country. You provide your criteria and we make it happen. Theoretically, you might be able to geofence the moon.

Proven results

We’ll test your geofencing strategy to determine its efficacy, and we’ll test it again, and before we’re satisfied, we’ll test it once more. We want to guarantee you a successful campaign.

Brand-exclusive strategies

We compile data to identify the ideal audience specific to your brand, and your brand only. The geofence strategy we develop will work only for your designated criteria.

Geofencing services worth your investment

We help define specific parameters that match your budget and ad spend constraints, then we target our expertise toward your ROI.

Can’t-miss advertising

Geofencing targets a highly specific demographic, no matter where they are or at what time they happen to be there. With that kind of precision, you can’t help but hit the bullseye.

Contact our Tampa Bay location targeting experts at Mocentric today and let’s talk about all the ways you can target your exact audience to boost your consumer traffic and increase your impressions.

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