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Precise Mobile Advertising Tied to Distinct Areas

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The Nuances of Geofencing

Geofencing harnesses cutting-edge technology to target a precise audience whose online activities match your brand’s products or services. This approach captures attention within a specific geographic zone—whether it’s your store, a competitor’s location, or any locale. We offer business owners in Portland geofencing advertising services that ensure your ads reach the people who are most likely to become your patrons, anytime, anywhere.

Mocentric Elevates Traditional Marketing Strategies With Location Targeting in Portland

Enhance Local Foot Traffic to Increase Sales

Establish a zone near your business. Local clientele entering the geofenced space will see your advertisement on their mobile devices.

Extend Your Brand’s Reach

With the ability to target locals, distant shoppers, or even global buyers, our Portland, OR, geofencing advertising solutions break down all barriers.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Create a zone around competitor locations in the Portland area with Geofencing advertising, positioning your brand as an attractive option right inside rival territory.

Direct Engagement With Your Audience

Design advertisements that strike a chord with your audience, captivating them as they enter your chosen area.

Choose the Event and Location

Select specific events, dates, and start times to connect with your audience at conventions, expos, or other significant gatherings.

Customized for Direct Engagement

Develop ads that engage your target market, enabling interaction on their devices whenever, wherever.

Efficient Impact and Enhanced Conversion Rates

We ensure your marketing funds aren’t wasted on disinterested parties. Our focus is on creating impactful connections.

Universal Reach: Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

No matter your audience’s chosen services, devices, location, or time of use, your message finds its way to them.

Geofencing Outperforms IP-Based Targeting

While IP targeting has its moments, we refine your digital ad strategy for reliable precision, maximizing your advertising investment.

Geofencing for Strategic Ad Spend Allocation

You manage your advertising budget and pinpoint your ideal audience in Portland. Our Geofencing advertising experts identify them within their locations, and you enjoy watching your return on investment grow.

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Mocentric: Maximizing Advertising Efficiency

Our experts craft each geofencing campaign with a singular aim: boosting your return on investment.

Detailed Targeting

We predefine everything: your target demographic, the engagement area, and the timing. Our commitment is to seamless execution.

Concentrating on Online Behavioral Patterns

Geofencing is both precise and cost-effective, focusing solely on customers whose online behavior indicates an interest in your products or services, making your ad spend highly effective.

Marketing at Its Most Direct

You can reach a specific group of people in as many targeted locations as you wish, anytime, with custom-designed ads.


We collect crucial data, enabling our team of Portland geofencing advertising specialists to evaluate, test, reevaluate, and retest the data to ensure your campaign’s success.

Customized Campaigns for Each Business

A geofencing strategy that works for one company might not work for another. Thus, we create a unique campaign for your enterprise, with the flexibility to meet your changing needs.

Global Expansion of Your Budget

You set your advertising budget, and we connect with your audience, no matter their global location.

Real-Time Analytics for Measurable Success

We provide real-time data to monitor your campaign’s immediate effectiveness. We use this information to continuously refine the strategy, keeping you in tune with your audience’s evolving preferences and actions.

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