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What is OTT advertising?

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising steps you out of the box of standard advertising platforms into an evolving dimension of streaming services—Hulu, Peacock, Sling, HBO Max, and a growing list of other apps—that let viewers stream video content 24 hours a day. These streaming platforms provide advertising opportunities to specifically engage those viewers with targeted advertising.

The efficacy of OTT advertising

The whole world is online 24/7 watching video content, which creates a rather large audience that advertisers can target and engage at any location, and at any time of the day or night.

OTT platforms

Viewers can access their favorite content from the internet on any device (phone, tablet, watch) from anywhere they are in the world. Whether it’s Sling, Amazon FreeVee, Roku, or Netflix, you can engage your target audience all day long.

OTT advertising is an effective, innovative tool for your business

Captive and receptive audiences

An ever-increasing number of viewers are canceling their cable TV subscriptions in favor of the advantages of online video streaming services. You can precisely target these specific audiences with ads tailored to engage any user base or demographic you want.

Measurable Analytics

With real-time data, you will know when your target audience is streaming, you’ll know which kinds of content they’re watching, and you’ll know what devices they are using. With that kind of data, you can create a granular ad campaign that precisely targets a specific audience.

Targeted content

Our Atlanta OTT advertising company analyzes various data sets to get a full picture of what is and what is not working in your campaign, so they can make effective adjustments if necessary.

Measurable metrics

You can track the real-time performance of your OTT campaign, which means you know at any given moment how well your campaign is performing.

Creative power

With ads designed to work on all devices and across all platforms, we can engage your audience with messages tailored specifically for them.

Granular targeting data

Our OTT advertising company serving Atlanta constantly analyzes the viewing and browsing behaviors of your target audience to keep your campaign up to date and pinpointed on that audience.

Control through analytics

The detailed demographic analytics we provide give you insight into what is effective in your advertising campaign, and what is not. That way we can find your optimal audience.

Personalized performance

Ads tailored specifically for the preference of your target audience give you a competitive advantage for relevant engagement with youtube chosen demographic.

The Mocentric advantage

Our focus is ensuring the ROI of your OTT campaign.

Innovative pioneers

Our Atlanta OTT advertising company has developed successful campaigns for powerful brands like Subway, Ford, Caesars Entertainment, and Westin Hotels & Resorts.

Brand-exclusive campaigns

Other brands do what you do, which is why we tailor your campaign specifically for your brand. We’ll set you apart from your competitors with a unique strategy that lets you reach levels inaccessible to your competition.

Proven services

From the extensive work we’ve accomplished for clients for more than a decade, we’ve compiled extensive data sets that let us test all new strategies to determine what works. Our numbers demonstrate our success!

Flawless marketing campaigns

Our OTT experts serving Atlanta won’t launch a campaign without rigorous testing to ensure success. We are dedicated to taking those extra steps for you.

100% measurable results

You have 24/7 access to our customer support dashboard so you can track the real-time progress of your OTT campaign whenever you want, wherever you are.

Engage with your ideal audience and potential customers before your competitors even know what’s happening. Reach out to Mocentric’s over the top & CTV marketing today and give your brand the OTT advantage.

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