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What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising replaces real-time human interactions with machine learning, aka: artificial intelligence or AI. Unlike using human marketing sources, such as billboards, newspapers, and radio, where media inventory is bought and sold manually, you buy digital placements or impressions through apps, social media formats, and search engines.

What our Kansas City top programmatic advertising company can do for your business

Keep you updated

Know where your on-site ads are on display, how well they are performing, as well as the cost and audience impressions.


We present your ad in front of your specific audience using a combination of location data, audience browsing patterns, and their location.

Bid in real time

Know how well your campaign will do the minute you launch it with real-time bidding.

Increase your reach

We are one of Kansas City’s top programmatic ads companies because we use a real-time strategic approach to increase the quality and quantity of your impressions and click-through rates with time-tested and proven strategies.

Target apps and high-volume websites

Thanks to measured data focused on the intent of the consumer, you can reach your audience based on the apps and sites they visit the most.

Advance customizable advertising

Use creative ads and banner graphics to define your funnel so you can tap into audience appeal. We do this by examining their past browsing patterns and recent transaction history.

Guarantee your impressions

Decrease frustration between your business and the public by sending your ads directly to your target audience. Who is your target audience? Mainly the people who are already interested in the products and services you provide in your area.

Multi-channel and format reach

With our top programmatic advertising services in Kansas City, the possibilities are endless. Our experts can assist you in reaching your target audience across multiple devices—mobile phones, tablets, Roku, laptops, Chromebooks and more.


Highly advanced and customizable ads

Define your funnel and get creative with ad banner graphics to appeal to your audience based on their browsing history and previous transactions.

Mocentric uses display marketing algorithms to guarantee that your ads are seen by the people who are actively looking for your products and services. Our agency targets high-traffic demand side platforms (DSPs) to ensure that your target audience finds your brand. DSPs are complex advertising tools that run on a highly technical set of regulations. Our digital marketing team understands how DSPs function, which helps with the use of these digital platforms in the long run.

We can target audiences at a granular level with programmatic advertising, helping your brand reach all kinds of untapped potential. Because of the ever-growing data sets that fall in the millions, our digital marketing team will target audiences from apps and high-traffic sites that are relevant to your business.

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Why choose Mocentric?

Here’s what makes our Kansas City programmatic advertising services worth your time and money:


Our agency is one of the top programmatic advertising companies in Kansas City because we provide decades worth of expertise and specified knowledge about the in-depth workings of the world of advertising and digital marketing.

Customized campaigns

Generic marketing strategies don’t cut it in our highly saturated world of advertising. Our team is devoted to performing a detailed market analysis and conducting intensive audience research before coming up with your personalized marketing plan.

We deliver results

Our company has delivered over 15,000,000 customers to a combination of businesses both large and small with a variety of pioneers in the field of digital marketing.

Goal oriented

Whether your business provides broad or niche services, our campaigns are designed to deliver results. Our Kansas City programmatic advertising agency knows standards and practices that are guaranteed to make your business stand out.

Forward thinking

We know there is a high price for complacency. Our experts strive to keep ourselves up to date with the latest innovations to make sure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Proven, time-tested strategies

Thanks to our experience as a DSP advertising company, Mocentric knows how to adapt and conform to the ever-changing needs and habits of your target audience, keeping things fresh and innovative for your brand.

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