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OTT in a Nutshell

OTT stands for Over the Top, which is just another way to say video advertisements that you place on streaming platforms like Peacock, Pluto, Hulu, Sling, and many others. These ads help engage your desired target audience with dynamic messages tailored to their browsing patterns. Our Tampa Bay OTT advertising company offers the latest in over the top marketing services, get a free consultation today!

OTT Efficacy

The number of viewers who stream video content increases exponentially everyday, and we can ensure that your video ads engage those viewers whose online behavior demonstrates a need for the products or services offered by your brand.

OTT Platforms

Anyone who directly streams online content is a candidate for engagement with your OTT/CTV ad campaign.

How Our Tampa Bay OTT Advertising Company Will Help You

Locking In an Audience

We’ll find out which streaming services your target audience is using, and we’ll make sure they see your ads.

Powerful Knowledge

Our data lets you know the behavior of your audience—what they’re watching, when they’re watching, and on what device.

Pinpoint Targeting

We cut out all the riff-raff to ensure your OTT/CTV marketing campaign in Tampa Bay doesn’t stray beyond the parameters you set.

Metrics with Meat on Them

We’ll provide you metrics on whatever you need to keep your campaign in line with your business goals and objectives.

Creative Leverage

Creative ads in multiple formats provide you with dynamic engagement personalized for your specific audience.

Granular Behavioral Targeting

Our OTT advertising company in Tampa Bay tracks, reviews, and analyzes the browsing patterns of your target audience to ensure your OTT accuracy and reach.

Analytic Power

We capture tons of data to provide insight and foresight into what is working and what needs to be modified in your OTT/CTV campaign.

The Personal Touch

A made-to-fit campaign makes it easier to continually modify your OTT campaign as your brand continues to grow.

What is it About Mocentric?

We make your investment worth every penny you spend.

Ahead of the Pack

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, small local businesses, and everything in between with proven success.

Unique Strategies

One size can never fit all, so we don’t try to stuff you inside a box. You get an OTT campaign designed specifically for your brand.

Dependable Results

Pick any market and there’s a good chance we’ve provided numerous clients with an effective OTT campaign in that market.

Campaigns Without a Hitch

Our rigorous data research and testing ensures your campaign is effective and provides you with real-time results when you want them.

Verified Results

Our 24/7 customer dashboard gives you up-to-the-second ability to analyze and evaluate the performance of your OTT campaign.

Ready to evolve with OTT and CTV advertising? It is time to build a marketing strategy to help you reach your audience where they frequently go. Get in touch with us and let’s talk business.

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