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Customized online marketing solutions for financial institutions.

As customers resort to the internet for almost everything, it is important to establish credibility on it. As a company offering financial services, credibility matters. Your online presence reflects not only what you offer, but who you are. As customer behavior is changing, so is marketing. Traditional marketing had its place, however new tools and technology can attract exactly who you would like to walk through your door. Digital Marketing is a perfect fit for financial institutions looking for specific credentials in customers.

What does Digital Marketing Include?

  • Designing an optimized website
  • Paid Advertising
  • Boosting Social Media Presence
  • Enhancing Credibility

See How it Worked for SunWest Credit Union

A recent mid-sized credit union came to us for help. While auto refinancing had been their bread and butter, concerns of customers not moving money was prevalent during the pandemic. Another concern was the competition with the larger banks.

Their marketing desire was to drive online conversions at a low CPA (cost per acquisition) of $270. Their campaign goal was to get $30 million in auto refinances during the life of the 10-month campaign.


We developed a strategy to find an audience of prequalified local prospects that would be interested in refinancing their auto loans. To reach this target audience precisely, we focused first on a commutable radius around each branch. Next, we only considered individuals A25-54 with high credit scores and high auto loan balances. Armed with this data, we then delivered a compelling interest rate offer to help compel this audience to engagement. Executing this strategy helped grow the credit union’s customer base, increased revenue and lowered the cost per client acquisition.

“Mocentric have helped to put SunWest on the map. Our success over the past 5 years has made it easy to trust Mocentric with our advertising needs” – Katie DeFeo, Marketing Director, SunWest Credit Union


CPA of only $170

Exceeding the goal of $270!


0.08% | 0.12% | 0.15%

For the first three months and above industry average

$41 million

in Auto Financing

$11 million over goal.

400 new customers

Why choose Mocentric?

We specialize in helping credit unions attract more leads

Backed with data

All of our campaigns are backed with data to ensure maximum results. We don’t propose campaigns on a mere hunch, we study your business and provide a data-driven marketing strategy.

Catering to your goals

Do you need more qualified members? Do you want to boost your brand value? Whatever your main goal is, we promise our marketing strategies will help achieve them.

Niche expertise

Our marketing team has helped many credit unions achieve their desired ROI with the help of digital marketing. Our specially crafted content and branding can do the same for your business.


We are a team of web designers, SEO experts, content markets, paid advertising professionals, and social media strategists. We love working collaboratively to help businesses unleash their true potential.

Experienced professionals

Our marketing team has been helping businesses master their presence on the search engine for more than a decade.

If you’re interested to learn more about digital marketing for credit unions or to understand how our services can help you achieve your dream ROI- then make sure to get in touch with us for a 30 minute, free session with our experts to provide an overview about your business and see what can be done in terms of marketing. You can also get more in depth information from our blog!


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