ROI Focused PPC Management Agency

Do you want to separate your business from other competitors in the market? With our ROI focused PPC management agency, your business can grow exponentially and start to see some profit from your paid channels!

As a leading national PPC management firm, we focus on building and creating successful campaigns that can help generate great ROI.

So, whether your business goal is to increase the lead conversion rate or website traffic, Mocentric can help!

With ROI focused PPC management services from Mocentric, your brand can gain a high level of exposure in this digital world and attract more leads.

Why Choose a PPC Service Provider?

Did you know?

40% of brands want to increase their PPC budget, which indicates that PPC is one of the most effective and lucrative tools for marketers and businesses. (Source: SocialMediaToday)

  • Pay per click (PPC) is one of the most cost-effective and highly controllable ways to earn a top spot on search engines. PPC management services are an excellent way to increase your lead conversion rate and sales.
  • 97% of the world’s population choose online search engines to find any product and service.
  • A survey shows that almost 75% of online researchers feel that paid ads are one of the most viable and easy ways to find any information in search engines, while 63% say that they click on paid ads showcased in search engines. (Source: Clutch)
  • Statistics and surveys only prove that a business should invest in Google Adwords services for healthy business growth.

So if you haven’t already thought about getting in touch with a PPC management agency, you should today!

A Top Tier PPC Management Agency that Drives Real Business Results

Does your PPC campaign drain all your marketing budget without generating enough ROI? If so, the PPC management experts at Mocentric can help!

  • As a PPC service provider, we will help your business build, create, or even optimize your paid campaign to ensure you stay one step ahead of the market competitors.
  • As a search engine marketing firm, we have successfully acquired expertise in working with different types of PPC campaigns.
  • Our PPC experts are well versed in working across multiple online platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, AdRoll, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • We can create designs for landing pages to help generate lead conversions from our managed PPC campaign.
  • We have consistently delivered profitable ROI with PPC management for customers across multiple industries.

What Does Our PPC Management Agency Do?

As a PPC management agency, we oversee your PPC campaign’s ad strategies and related spending. We perform:

Keyword analysis

Our search engine marketing experts discover and target specific keywords and search queries that are related to your business’s product/services.

Target channels

For our PPC marketing strategy, we use any of these paid media channels: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and social media.


We monitor and measure the effectiveness of keywords and queries, while also ensuring that the PPC strategies and efforts are yielding a positive ROI.

Competitors analysis

Our PPC experts keep a close eye on your competitors’ marketing strategies and tactics. For example, we look out for their targeting keywords and ad creativity.

Optimizing campaign

We optimize and monitor the structure of your ad campaign to help filter users who don’t match with the category. The process involves scrutinizing top-performing keywords. For example, if 10% of keywords are generating positive leads for your business, we focus on those particular keywords to boost real ROI.

Split Testing

One of the best ways to optimize your website’s funnel is A/B testing. We constantly perform A/B testing of your new ads and landing pages to optimize. Our PPC experts experiment with various texts, designs, and other display variables to find the best PCC marketing method.

Why Choose Mocentric for Your PPC Management Service?

Experts at Mocentric take efforts to understand the needs of the business. Our search engine marketing specialists work deliberately to ensure all your campaign goals are achieved and help generate great ROI through PPC management.

We give you all the reasons why you should choose our PPC management services:

  • Our PPC experts optimize your marketing costs, that means all your PPC ad campaigns will be tracked, measured, and analyzed to ensure growth-centric improvements. We help you lower your marketing costs and gain better search engine results.
  • Mocentric has a wide expertise in working with various types of PPC campaigns. Our knowledgeable PPC experts can exponentially grow your online presence and generate high lead conversions. With us, you will have peace of mind knowing that expert’s at Mocentric are taking care of your business growth.
  • At Mocentric, we have a team of dedicated PPC experts who will be your guide and support throughout the campaign. Our ROI focused PPC management agency includes an account manager, PPC specialist, marketing analyst, and web designer/developer.
  • Mocentric believes in building partnerships with their clients. We are 100% honest and transparent with our monthly PPC campaign reports. We assure you that the monthly reports will be accurate, detailed, and true.

Having a tight budget? Don’t worry! Our PPC services are affordable and provide results. With Mocentric’s affordable PPC services, your marketing budget will continue to grow and won’t be drained anymore!

To get your free PPC proposal, contact us on 8667568975 today!