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What is Video Ad Targeting?

Reach your audience with the most exciting form of advertising: video.

Video ad targeting is demonstrating what your business has to offer in the form of a video. It could be an informative video- educating your audience about the features or functions of a product you sell or it could be a promotional video that showcases your services. Video targeting is video ads that can be displayed on various ad platforms to generate the strongest ROI for your business.  At Mocentric, we offer targeted online video advertising to help your small business engage with the perfect customer.

How can Video Advertising Services Help your Business?

Your audience loves videos

Intriguing and engaging video content has always been used to attain maximum attention from the audience compared to the conventional advertisements.

Improved brand promotion

Video ads are the most shared form of advertising. There are so many social media platforms where you can share your advertisements and gain more traction.

Boost sales

Your customer is more likely to be interested in buying your product once they have seen it virtually in action! Video ads, along with their descriptions, increase sales potential exponentially.


Our team creates engaging online targeted video advertising that can be displayed on various platforms and devices. Regardless of the device your audience is using, they will be able to see your video ads. Not just that, but video ads are search engine friendly. The practice of posting video content is at an all time high, as social media platforms and blog forums are using video targeting to get to the top ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

More informative

Apart from being attractive; video content provides much more information in a short span of time. That’s an effective and engaging way to exhibit your business as compared to text advertisements. This leads to better conversion rates..

Multiple ways to convey a message

With the use of audio and visuals; a video can better target the best potential group of watchers and convey a message in different ways.

Why choose Mocentric for your video targeting services?

Data effectiveness

Our nationally known video marketing company can drive more traffic to your business through dynamic targeting. We have the data to help us reach the right audience and expand your brand reach.


Unlike a lot of other companies, we do not keep you in the dark. We’ll take you along the journey and provide actionable insights about each move we make.

Work with the best

Our top teir video marketing company has the best resources when it comes to making video content and marketing businesses through video ads.

Thorough research

Our experts will research what your business is all about, who the target audience is, and your realistic growth potential.

Custom strategies

After researching your business, the nationally recognized experts at our video marketing company will create a customized plan that will suit and engage your brand awareness at a higher level; thus benefiting your business.

Get in touch with us now to provide us with an opportunity to prepare the most versatile and creative video targeting online campaign for your brand. Let us strategize your video targeting activities to provide optimal returns.