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What is OTT in advertising?

Over the top (OTT) advertising is video advertising via the internet on various OTT streaming platforms, such as Roku, Sling, YouTube TV, and Amazon Fire TV, rather than relying on traditional mediums like satellite or cable TV ads. Our OTT Advertising Company will help you reach interested and engaged consumers who are actively streaming content on various online platforms. OTT works by targeting customers based on their first-party data like address and IP lists, in addition to the other targeted techniques like behavior. Our highly targeted OTT programmatic advertising will engage audiences with on-demand video via platforms like Roku, Sling, YouTube TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and other popular streaming platforms. Reach cable cutters and consumers with a video ad, where they spend a majority of time!

Does OTT advertising work?

OTT works by targeting users who are consistent in streaming content online. This widens your business reachability and you can interact with an interested audience with the help of direct targeting. OTT is any type of digital video streamed on a screen ( which includes a TV screen, mobile phones, tablets etc) by using the internet. The effectiveness of OTT ads is high, as your audience will come across non-skippable ads, thereby ensuring their attention span throughout the tenure of your ad.

What is an OTT platform?

Over The Top (OTT) media service is available to users where they can directly stream media via the internet and watch their desired content anywhere anytime. OTT platform examples are Sling, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and more.

How can an OTT advertising agency help your business?

Highly receptive audience

Take advantage of advertising on some of the world’s most well known online streaming platforms with a younger and more interactive user base. There are tons of cord cutters and online video streamers – it is estimated that 42% of people in the US are streaming online video daily.

Data transparency

Know what your target audience is watching, when they are watching, and on what platform and device they’re using. Gain full control to target your ads on specific platforms to ensure the highest return rates.

Target specific content

Our nationally recognized CTV marketing experts will funnel out various online and offline platforms where your audience is highly active. Target various channels depending on your niche of the target audience.

Quantifiable metrics

Keep a tab on measurable metrics such as Gross Rating Points, Video Competition Rates, impressions and conversions to determine how well your campaign is performing.

Leverage creativity

We will use various creative ad outputs to design multiple ads in various formats such as video ads, image ads, and various demographic centric ads.

Micro and geo-targeting

We will review the browsing and viewing pattern of your target audience, so that we can curate a customized marketing strategy for you based on that valuable information.

Powerful analytics

Our CTV marketing experts capture various data insights to understand what is working and what isn’t. We will track the usage and demographic of various users to identify the right set of audiences for your business.

Personalized experience

Tailored ads that are creatively designed to suit the preference of your target audience. These ads can appear on various online platforms via retargeting and programmatic marketing.

Why choose us?

Here’s what makes us worth your time and money!

Industry leaders

As pioneers in the OTT advertising industry, our services are trusted by brands like Ford, Subway, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Caesar’s entertainment and many more.

Niche-oriented strategies

As a top OTT Advertising Company, we don’t have a general marketing strategy for our clients. We create tailored strategies after thorough market research to know your business… and to know what your audience likes.

Credible services

Having worked with thousands of clients pertaining to various market niches, our CTV marketing services are known to deliver the projected results!

Foolproof marketing campaigns

All our marketing strategies go through rigorous R&D before they’re implemented. This ensures that you get the maximum ROI for your money.

100% measurable results

Our national OTT Advertising Company will keep you updated with the progress of your marketing campaign through our dashboard, which is available with 24/7 customer support.

Ready to evolve with OTT and CTV advertising? It is time to build a marketing strategy to help you reach your audience where they frequently go. Get in touch with us and let’s talk business.