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OTT is over-the-top advertising

OTT advertising services bypass standard advertising platforms like cable or satellite TV services. We get you in front of “cable cutter” consumers who stream the more popular platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, YouTube TV, etc. Our OTT advertising company in San Diego will engage you with audiences who are most likely to want the products or services you offer.

The effectiveness of OTT advertising

More and more people are streaming video online, are shopping online, and in general spend more time online, either in front of a TV screen, a laptop, a tablet, or on a phone. A targeted OTT advertising campaign will engage consumers in all the ways and places they are streaming information and entertainment.

OTT platforms

Examples of over-the-top (OTT) media services include Netflix, Sling TV, Lionsgate+, HBO Max, ESPN+, and a huge list of other available streaming services.

How OTT advertising will scale your business

Captive and receptive audiences

It is estimated that 63% of the global population can be engaged on the internet via the streaming, social media, and entertainment platforms they use. OTT advertising allows you to choose and control your engagement.

Data is knowledge

The precision data we collect lets you know exactly what, when, where, and on what specific platform and device your target audience is accessing their favored streaming services.

Precise content-targeting

Data collected by our OTT advertising company in San Diego identifies the online and offline platforms where your audience is most active. You choose your audience, and your ads appear when they’re watching, no matter where they’re watching.

Measurable metrics

Our comprehensive data lets you know exact click rates, impression rates, and conversion rates in real time.

Creative leverage

Our San Diego OTT advertising company will design multiple ads in various formats to ensure your message works in video ads, image ads, and on the various devices and platforms used by your audience.

Geo-targeting on a nano level

Based on the browsing and viewing behavior of your target audience, we will customize an advertising strategy exclusive to your brand and the criteria you set for your campaign.

Precision analytics

Our marketing experts test and retest strategies to gain the analytical insights necessary to identify the exact audience searching for the products or services your brand offers.

Personalized engagement

Knowing when and where your ideal audience is online, we can create ads specifically targeted toward their demographic and browsing preferences.

Mocentric is your best choice

We make our services worth your time and investment!

Industry anchors

Caesars Entertainment, Subway, Ford Motor Company, Westin Hotels & Resorts—our services are used and trusted by some of the biggest corporate giants in the world, because we deliver results.

Exclusive, targeted strategies

What works for your brand will not work for your competitors’, and vice versa. We guarantee a strategy designed specifically for your brand, that works only for your brand.

Proven OTT services

Our over the top & CTV marketing services in San Diego have been around long enough to have collected and compiled enough datasets and analytic evaluations that our numbers prove we walk the talk.

Tried and tested marketing campaigns

Test the data, then test it again, and just for good measure, test it once more before we test it again. We are meticulous about ensuring the efficacy and value of our OTT advertising services.

100% assessable results

Our comprehensive, real-time data in our 24/7 customer dashboard gives you up-to-the-second knowledge about the performance of your marketing campaign.

Scale your brand and move it ahead of the competition with a precisely designed OTT advertising campaign that targets an audience specific to what you offer. Reach out to Mocentric now to schedule your consultation!

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