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What is Programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying programmatic media via real-time bidding. Unlike traditional marketing sources like newspapers or magazines, where media inventory is bought and sold manually, programmatic advertising includes buying digital impressions from various websites and apps.

How programmatic ad agencies can help your business

Stay updated

Track how well your ads are performing by knowing the sites where your ads are being displayed, what kind of audience is viewing your ad and cost of the ad.


With the help of location data, display your ad in front of target audiences with relevant online browsing patterns and location.

Real-time bidding

Leverage the advantage of real-time bidding where you can know how your campaign is performing as soon as it is launched.

Enhance your reach

Our national programmatic advertising agency will enhance your reach through faster and better CTR. We create customized advertising strategies to target your audience in real-time.

Target high volume websites and apps

With increased flexibility and intent-based targeting, you can reach your target customers on the websites or apps which they visit the most.

Highly advanced and customizable ads

Define your funnel and get creative with ad banner graphics to appeal to your audience based on their browsing history and previous transactions.

Guaranteed impressions

Based on the buyer’s web behavior, your ads will be directly targeted to the audience that has already shown interest in products/services similar to yours.

Multi-channel and format reach

With programmatic advertising, the possibilities are endless. Our digital marketing experts help you reach your audiences across various devices: mobile, laptops, tablet, Roku and Amazon Fire TV… and all the possible digital touchpoints you can think of!

At Mocentric, we use display marketing algorithms to make sure that your ad gets in front of the right set of eyes. We target various DSPs (Demand-side platforms) with high traffic to ensure that your brand reaches the most relevant audience. DSPs have endless technicalities that are pretty complex to understand. We understand the core functionality of DSPs which enables us to unleash the true potential of these digital platforms.

Programmatic advertising can target granular audiences and your brand can explore the untouched horizons of reachability. Thanks to the millions of data sets available, our in-house experts will target audiences on high traffic websites and apps that have high relevancy with your business.

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Why choose us?

Here’s what makes us worth your time and money!


Our nationally renowned programmatic advertising agency brings along over a decade of experience and in-depth knowledge in digital advertising and the paid marketing industry.

Tailored campaigns

No generic or standard strategies. For assured results, our team will perform market research and audience analysis before proposing a game plan to you.

Spotless track record

Numbers never lie! We have worked with various big shot industry pioneers and delivered more than 15,000,000 customers to our clients’ locations.

Solution centric

Regardless of how complicated your niche is, our advertising campaigns are designed to deliver the best results. At our programmatic advertising agency, we know the best practices that will work for your business.

Ahead of our time

As a top teir programmatic advertising agency, we understand the technicalities involved in the process. We strive to stay in sync with the latest innovations to provide you with the best experience.

Tried and tested strategies

As a DSP advertising company, we know how to avoid ad overlap so that your target audience does not get tired of coming across your brand’s ad every time they go online.