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The Technology of Geofencing

Geofencing is a remarkable technology that allows business owners to home in on a target audience with online behavior that matches what your brand has to offer, and directly engage that audience within a certain geographical boundary. This could be your store, a competitor’s store, or really any geographical boundary. Geofencing technology gets your ads and messages in front of people who are most likely to buy, and they can be set to appear at any time of the day, or any day of the year. 

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Mocentric geofencing services transcends traditional advertising boundaries

Increased Local Traffic Boosts Sales

“Fence” off an area near your business. Local consumers who step inside your designated geofence will receive your ad on their device.

Choose Your Brand Reach

You can target folks on your block, consumers in New York, or consumers in another country. Our St. Louis Geofencing advertising services know no boundaries.

Gain Advantage Over the Competition

Put a “fence” around local competitors’ locations, and engage your target audience as a viable alternative in enemy territory.

Direct Contact with Your Audience

Design ads that speak directly to your target audience and engage them at the moment they enter the designated area.

Define the Moment and the Location

Choose a specific event, date, and start time to engage your audience when they arrive for conferences, trade shows, or other industry gatherings.

Specifically Targeted for Direct Engagement

With ads designed to appeal to your target audience, you can engage them on their devices 24/7/365 at any location you choose.

Solid Impressions and More Conversions

We won’t waste your ad spend on consumers who aren’t interested in your brand or product. We aim to make every click count.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever

No matter what services and devices your audience uses to stream and browse content, and no matter what time or where they are when they use them, you can reach them.

Geofencing Precision Beats IP Targeting

IP targeting hits the mark every now and then. We’ll tune your programmatic ad campaign so that it hits it every time and your ad spend goes farther.

Geofencing Lets You Specifically Allocate Your Ad Spend

You define your ad budget and select the exact audience you want to engage. We fence off your desired audience at their location(s), and you sit back and watch your ROI go up and up.

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Mocentric Equals Effective Ad Spend

Our experts go through extensive data sets, test them all, and devise a geofencing campaign aimed primarily at one thing: maximizing your ROI.

On-Point Targeting

Everything is defined: your target audience, the geographical area where you want to engage them, and when you want to engage them, and we make sure it happens without a glitch.

Target Patterns and Behavior

Geofencing is precise and cost effective because your campaign targets only consumers whose online behavior demonstrates an interest in what you offer, so your ad spend is never wasted.

Marketing Can’t Be any More Direct

You can engage an exact audience, at as many exact locations as you want, at exact times of the day and night, and you engage them with ads designed specifically for them.


We amass relevant data so our geofencing experts can inspect the numbers, test them, inspect them again, and test them once more to ensure the efficacy of your geofencing campaign.

A Campaign for You and Only You

A geofencing campaign that works for you will not work for someone else, and vice versa. The campaign we design is exclusive to you and made to be modified to fit your evolving needs.

Stretch Your Dollars Beyond Borders

You allocate the dollars you want to spend on your geofencing advertising campaign and we engage your audience anywhere they are in the world.

Real-Time Data Shows Efficacy

We provide you with data so you can monitor the real-time success of your campaign, and we analyze that data to fine-tune when it becomes necessary to keep you on the vanguard of your audience’s needs and behaviors.

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