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Cogs and Gears of Geofencing

Our geofencing experts servicing Atlanta engage your target audience on a granular level at any time of the day, no matter where they are. Your brand always displays where your customers are.

All the ways Mocentric geofencing marketing can effectively promote your business

Boost local sales

We design marketing strategies to target consumers who could potentially walk through the front doors of your business—people local to your vicinity who look online for products or services like yours.

Increase exposure of your brand

Precise geofencing advertising displays your ads to potential customers who demonstrate online browsing behavior and an interest in the kinds of products or services you offer.

Surge beyond the competition

Our Geofencing services in Atlanta give your brand the competitive advantage to virtually appear in the same geographical location as your competitors. The phones of potential customers will light up with your ads when they enter the “geofenced” location of your competition.

Precise engagement

Geofencing with innovative technologies can personalize your ads on the devices of your target audiences at any time of the day, no matter where they are.

Specialty targeting

You can choose a specific event on a specific day, and target your audience at the precise time and place the event is held.

Innovative customization

Appeal to your target audiences on all platforms with creative banner graphics and dynamic ads with messages targeted toward that audience.

Impressions guaranteed

Your ads will appear to a specific audience whose online browsing behavior indicates an interest in the products and services you offer.

Leap across channels and formats

No matter what devices your target audience use, we ensure they are engaged by your ads on any and all of their devices, whether they’re browsing online or streaming a favored service.

The pinnacle of precision targeting

Our Atlanta geofencing experts develop strategies that extend beyond the limitations of IP targeting, with an ability to direct ads—including OTT, video, and static ads—across multiple formats.

Cost-effective precision targeting

Our innovative geofencing advertising services in Atlanta will increase the awareness of your brand across a broad geographical range determined by your ad spend and the parameters you define for your campaign.

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Why Mocentric

We are laser-focused on your success and ROI!

Effective targeting

You pick the location and size of your geofence, and we’ll ensure your ad is seen by every relevant consumer who moves inside that fence.

Behavioral marketing

Target a location your relevant consumers have visited in the past 3-6 months and you increase the chance those consumers will enter your business.

Global campaigns

You can scale your campaign to target as many consumers and businesses in a single town, a state, the whole country, or even target an overseas audience.

Measurable results

We’re constantly testing our geofencing and location targeting strategies in Atlanta, and our numbers demonstrate our ability to drive engagement for huge corporations as well as small businesses.

Exclusive strategy

We consult with you and deep-dive your business to define the ideal, exclusive audience for your brand. Then we engage your geofence.

Your ROI makes us worth it

We create successful geofencing campaigns, and we don’t take your first-born to do it.

Geofencing results

Geofencing is especially effective when you engage the right audience with a particular promotion or special offer. It allows you to personalize your engagement with something tailored specifically for your target audience. Reach out to Mocentric today, and let’s outline a geofencing strategy that drives your ideal audience to your doorstep, from wherever they are in the world.

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