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Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is an automated process of buying digital advertising placement with software that bids in real-time, which allows the purchase of impressions from a selection of apps and websites.

Scale your Atlanta business with our programmatic advertising

Stay in the loop

No matter the location or the time of day your ads appear, you have real-time capability to track their performance.


With precise location data you can engage a specific target audience with online browsing behavior that matches who you want for your business.

Bidding in real-time

At the exact moment you launch a programmatic campaign, you are able to monitor its performance.

Stretch your reach

Our top programmatic advertising company servicing Atlanta customizes specifically for your business, and will broaden the reach of your campaign and increase your click-through-rate.

Target websites and apps with high-volume

You can engage your target audience with versatility and highly focused targeting on the websites and apps they frequent the most.

Highly advanced and customizable ads

Define your funnel and get creative with ad banner graphics to appeal to your audience based on their browsing history and previous transactions.

Guaranteed impressions

Your target audience will see your ads on pages that display products and services similar to yours.

Reach multiple formats and channels

Our Atlanta programmatic advertising experts ensure your ads engage your audience on all their favored streaming services, no matter where they are!

Our Atlanta programmatic advertising company serving Atlanta uses innovative marketing algorithms to ensure engagement of your ads with your targeted audience. Whether it’s Prime or Roku, we target all high-traffic demand-side platforms (DSPs).

With granular targeting and access to millions of data sets, our programmatic advertising team engages your target audience at levels unreachable by your competitors.

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The great thing about Mocentric

We’ve got the numbers to prove we’re worth your time and investment.

Industry expertise

Our digital ad agency serving Atlanta has decades of experience in designing successful strategies that deliver lucrative ROIs.

Proprietary campaigns

We deep-dive market trends and data to arrive at a strategy designed solely for your brand.

Our numbers don’t lie

From industry heavy hitters to start-ups, we can prove a historical reach that exceeds 15,000,000 customers.

An exclusive solution

Whatever your business or service, we build a strategy exclusive to your brand.

Innovative achievers

Our Atlanta programmatic advertising experts leap outside the industry standards box to develop your exclusive strategy.

Weighed, measured, found solid

We consistently test and analyze all our strategies so we can demonstrate the success of our top programmatic advertising company serving Atlanta over time.

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