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How Does Geofencing Work?

We offer pinpoint geofencing advertising services for Baton Rouge that connect with your audience on a granular level. By using precise location-targeted marketing data, we ensure your advertisements resonate with mobile users in specific areas. Harnessing the power of geofencing means your brand is always present where your customers are.

Our commitment is to offer premier location-targeted marketing to Baton Rouge area businesses. This helps your brand captivate consumers who show a high likelihood of turning into sales.

How Baton Rouge’s top geofencing advertising service can help your business

Enhance Local Sales

For businesses in Baton Rouge, targeting the local audience becomes pivotal. Through our geofencing strategies, you can connect with individuals close by, increasing the chances they’ll become loyal customers and enhance your sales.

Increase Brand Awareness

With geofencing’s pinpoint accuracy, ads surface only on devices within your selected location, ensuring local shoppers recognize and engage with your brand.

Outperform Your Competitors

An edge of geofencing lies in targeting competitor locations. As potential customers step into these geo-boundaries, your advertisement appears on their device, directing them toward your establishment instead.

Enhanced Engagement

Connect with your audience when it matters most. Incorporating our Baton Rouge geofencing advertising services into your marketing strategy adds a relatable dimension, making it more appealing and leading to increased business interactions.

Event Targeting

Zero in on audiences during specific event windows. Whether it’s a certain building or a special event in Baton Rouge, our geofencing advertising services allow for event-specific ad delivery.

Highly Advanced and Customizable Ads

Shape your marketing funnel and craft engaging ad designs. Appeal to potential customers based on their online activity and past transactions.

Guaranteed Impressions

Leveraging online behaviors, your ads specifically target individuals who’ve demonstrated interest in related products or services.

Multi-Channel and Format Reach

Through geofencing advertising, we offer Baton Rouge business owners unparalleled reach. Connect with audiences on devices from mobiles to Amazon Fire TV, spanning all conceivable digital touchpoints.

Better Than IP Targeting

Our services excel beyond IP targeting, offering diverse ad formats, including video ads and over-the-top (OTT) advertising.

How much does geofencing cost?

Our pioneering geofencing approach promises to elevate brand visibility and extend your reach. The pricing is contingent upon chosen advertising strategies, geofence count, their dimensions, and utilized tools. We guarantee you’ll receive a marketing proposal tailored exclusively to your objectives.

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Why choose us?

Here’s what makes us worth your time and money!

Better Targeting

Imagine geofencing as a virtual perimeter around a location you designate. When a user comes inside this boundary, your ad lands on their device, ensuring laser-focused location targeting for your Baton Rouge-area business.

Behavior-Based Marketing

Identify locations frequented by your audience in the recent past and geofence those spots, increasing ad exposure chances.

Highly Scalable Campaigns

Our Baton Rouge geofencing advertising services can target numerous homes, businesses, and organizations locally or globally, always ensuring impressions.

Dependable Results

We refine our geofencing methodologies consistently to remain a leap ahead in the digital market industry. We provide measurable insights to countless clients, closely monitoring each device exposed to your ad and analyzing the subsequent foot traffic.

Tailored Campaigns

After gaining an understanding of your marketing goals, we identify the perfect audience and outline a geofencing plan to match.

Affordable Services

Our geofencing advertising services for your Baton Rouge business are location-targeted precisely to drive conversions without straining your budget.

How effective is geofencing?

Geofencing ads are perfect for informing your audience about exclusive promotions. If you’re a local enterprise eager to connect with specific regional audiences, geofencing allows you to make a local connection through inventive ads across different platforms. Reach out to us, and accelerate your business growth with Mocentric’s geofencing advertising expertise.

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