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The Intricacies of Geofencing

Geofencing is an innovative technology enabling businesses to focus on a specific audience that exhibits online behaviors aligning with your brand’s offerings. This audience is then engaged within a designated geographical perimeter, which could be your own business location, a rival’s outlet, or any other geographical location. Geofencing ensures your ads reach individuals most inclined to become customers, at any time or any day.

Mocentric’s geofencing advertising services help Lincoln area businesses redefine conventional advertising horizons

Boost Local Traffic to Elevate Sales

Set up a “boundary” in the vicinity of your business. Customers crossing into your defined geo-targeted area will receive your ad on their device.

Craft Your Brand’s Outreach

You have the ability to target the local population, consumers in distant locations, or even international customers. Our Lincoln, NE, Geofencing advertising solutions know no limitations.

Obtain a Competitive Edge

Establish a “boundary” around local competitors’ outlets, presenting your brand as a compelling alternative right in the heart of the competition.

Direct Interaction with Your Audience

Location targeting allows Lincoln area businesses to create ads that resonate with their audience and engage them as soon as they step into the specified region.

Identify the Event and Locale

Opt for a particular event, date, and commencement time to engage your audience as they attend conferences, trade shows, or other industry events.

Tailored for Direct Interaction

We craft ads that captivate your target audience, enabling engagement on their devices anytime, anywhere.

Effective Impressions and Higher Conversions

We ensure your advertising budget isn’t squandered on uninterested consumers. Our goal is to make every interaction meaningful.

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Regardless of the services or devices your audience employs, or their location or the time they use them, your message can reach them with help from Lincoln’s geofencing advertising experts at Mocenric.

Geofencing Precision Outperforms IP Targeting

IP targeting hits its mark. We’ll refine your programmatic ad campaign to achieve consistent accuracy, making your advertising budget stretch further.

Geofencing Allows Specific Allocation of Your Ad Budget

You control your ad budget and select your exact target audience. We define your audience within their locale(s), and you relax and watch your ROI ascend.

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Mocentric Signifies Efficient Ad Spend

Our professionals design a geofencing campaign with one primary objective: to enhance your ROI.

Sharp Focus Targeting

Every detail is predetermined: your audience, the geographical area for engagement, and the timing of the engagement. We ensure everything runs flawlessly.

Target Online Behavior Patterns

Geofencing is both precise and economical, as your campaign focuses solely on consumers displaying online behavior that signifies interest in your offerings, thereby ensuring your ad spend is always fruitful.

Marketing Doesn’t Get More Direct Than This

You have the capacity to engage a precise audience, in as many specific locations targeted in the Lincoln area or beyond, at any time, using ads created especially for them.


We gather pertinent data, allowing our geofencing experts to scrutinize, test, re-examine, and retest the numbers to guarantee the effectiveness of your campaign.

A Tailor-Made Campaign for Your Business

A successful geofencing campaign for one business won’t necessarily succeed for another. Therefore, our team of expert geofencing advertising specialists in Lincoln, NE will design an exclusive campaign for your business that’s adaptable to your evolving requirements.

Expand Your Budget Globally

You decide your ad budget, and we engage your audience no matter where they are in the world.

Real-Time Metrics Indicate Success

We provide you with data to track the immediate success of your campaign, and we analyze this data to fine-tune the campaign as required, ensuring you stay ahead of your audience’s evolving needs and behaviors.

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