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Innovative Geofencing Advertising Examples for Recruiting Campaigns

By May 24, 2024July 11th, 2024Blog

Creative Campaigns: Innovative Uses of Geofencing Advertising for Recruitment

Geofencing advertising provides an effective tool for reaching candidates in a targeted way by setting virtual boundaries around key locations. Companies can use geofencing advertising to send customized ads to people entering or lingering near specific areas. When geofencing advertising is applied to recruiting, this technology can transform the way organizations engage with potential employment talent.

Industry Conferences & Events

Industry conferences are hubs for professionals within a specific field. Employers can leverage geofencing to target their ads at potential candidates as they attend relevant presentations, job fairs, workshops, or networking sessions. The hyper-focused approach of using geofencing advertising for recruitment campaigns means companies can deliver specific job opportunities to those professionals who are most likely to be interested and qualified. A software development company could send targeted job ads for senior programmers and developers directly to the smartphones of attendees at a tech conference, for example.

College Campuses & Career Centers

Universities and colleges offer a talent pool of students and recent graduates. Recruiters can utilize geofencing advertising to reach individuals with specific majors and qualifications. Target campuses relevant to the job roles you’re hiring for and promote open positions. Career centers on campuses are another prime location for geofencing recruitment advertising. These centers host job fairs and workshops where engaged, career-minded students can learn about the opportunities offered by your company.

Reengaging Past Candidates: Location-Based Retargeting

You may have promising candidates who didn’t quite make the final cut for previous roles. These individuals are still valuable leads. Target their households if an employer has saved that data and reintroduce your company with updated job opportunities. This targeted approach allows you to reconnect with qualified individuals who may now be ready for a new challenge.

Competitor Locations

Geofencing competitor locations can be a useful way to attract passive candidates (those not actively seeking jobs, but who are open to new opportunities). Discreetly targeting candidates at rival companies allows you to promote the advantages and benefits of your company. This could be effective when a competitor announces layoffs or has a known history of high turnover rates.

Key Considerations for Geofencing Recruitment Success

While geofencing holds immense potential, optimizing your recruiting campaigns requires careful planning. Partner with a geofencing agency like Mocentric for expert guidance and execution. Prioritize these elements for success:


  • Precise Targeting: Define your ideal candidate profiles and focus on locations they are likely to be.
  • Compelling Messaging: Craft concise, attention-grabbing ads tailored to your target audience.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Use analytics tools to measure campaign performance and to adjust your strategy for optimal results.

Mocentric: A Powerhouse in Data-Driven Marketing

Mocentric is a leading digital marketing agency with a reputation for transformative results-driven campaigns. The company specializes in advanced digital advertising strategies, including OTT advertising and strategic geofencing initiatives for recruiting and lead generation purposes. Their in-house expertise and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology drive their successful and efficient marketing solutions. Contact Mocentric today to learn more!