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Location-targeted Mobile Marketing

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The Machinery of Geofencing

No matter where they are and at what time, you can engage in real time an audience whose online browsing behavior demonstrates an interest in what you offer. Once they step into your designated area, you’ve got ’em.

Mocentric geofencing services take your advertising to another level

Boosts Sales With More Local Traffic

Designate an area close to your business, and when a local consumer steps inside that geofence, your ad will appear on their device.

Extended Brand Reach

Geofencing advertising strategies let you get your ads in front of a targeted audience anywhere in the world—maybe even the moon!

Tech That Beats the Competition

Geofence the service area of a competitor and get your ads in front of an audience inside that fence. Your ads appear in real time on their devices to offer you as an alternative.

Personally Engage Your Audience

You can tailor your ads to speak directly to an audience whose online browsing and shopping behavior demonstrates an interest in what your brand offers.

It’s All About Now

You can choose an event and the building where it will happen, and at the moment the event happens, you can engage your audience in real time.

Highly Targeted, Tailored Ads

Get creative with banner ads and dynamic graphics to engage your target audience with messages that speak directly to them.

Solid Impressions and More Conversions

Your ads are targeted to only those consumers who have a demonstrated history of browsing for brands similar to yours.

The Mechanism, the Means, and the Method

Whatever devices your audience uses, you can engage them wherever they are at the moment they’re there, no matter the platform (Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.).

Extreme Precise Over IP Targeting

IP targeting is a lot like shooting in the dark. A well-developed geofencing ad campaign is more like going to where the money is and putting it in your pocket.

Geofencing Lets You Control Your World

You choose the perfect consumer demographic, then designate a specific target area (or areas), allot an ad spend budget, and our geofencing experts will boost your ROI.

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Mocentric Makes All the Difference

Our geofencing advertising service experts in Houston know what they’re doing and they want to be the best at it!

Bulls-Eye Targeting

Identify a certain kind of consumer, enclose a geographical area of the planet inside a virtual fence, and when those consumers step inside, your ads appear on their devices.

Browsing Behavior Targeting

Our geofencing advertising services in Houston amass data so that we can analyze what your target audience has viewed and where they’ve been over the past three to six months. Then we update your campaign.

True Direct Marketing

You can engage any audience, anywhere in the world and beyond, at any time of the day or night, and you can get your ads in front of them right then and there.

Tried, Tested, and Found Worthy

From the data we amass, our geofencing experts analyze, test, then analyze again, and test some more to guarantee the efficacy of our strategy.

A Campaign Designed for You

We don’t use boilerplates, templates, or worn-out strategies. The geofencing advertising campaign we build for you works only for you and your brand.

Stretch Your Dollars to the End of the Earth

We’ll design your campaign to match your criteria and your ad spend to ensure you get results at a price that fattens, not flattens, your wallet.

On-Target Strategizing

Too often you never know where your advertising dollars are going, but with the precision of geofencing advertising, you target exactly where you want your dollars spent.

Reach out to our Houston geofencing advertising service experts at Mocentric who focus on Houston geofencing strategies and campaigns. We’ll show you how to capture a perfect consumer audience and put them in your back pocket

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