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The Cogs and Gears of Geofencing

Our geofencing services in Jacksonville bore down to the granular level to target your audience with ads tailored specifically to them in any given place at any given time. Pick the folks, pick the place, pick a time, and the ads show up.

We design geofencing campaigns that engage the audiences with a high probability of converting clicks into conversions.

Mocentric’s Geofencing Services can Help Your Jacksonville Business

Scale Local Sales

Local consumers are the easiest to convert into sales, especially if you engage them the moment they enter your Jacksonville neighborhood through location-based advertising.

Gets Your Brand Out There

Geofencing doesn’t waste time or energy. Your ads appear only on devices of people within your defined location.

Puts You Ahead of the Pack

Geofencing puts your brand a step ahead of competitors and helps you muscle out non-local advertisers.

Exact Engagement

That person, right there, right then—Geofencing lets you engage an audience at specific locations at specified times.

Pinpoint Engagement

An event is going to happen and your target audience is going to show up. And when it does, your ad will meet them there.

Flexible Ads with Punch

Establish your parameters and create dynamic ads that appeal directly to the online behavior consumers have demonstrated.

Gain Impressions not Empty Wishes

Your ads will directly engage only those potential buyers who have demonstrated online interest in what your brand provides.

Reach Where Your Audience Appears

No matter where or when your audience appears, geofencing allows you precise 24/7 engagement.

Targeting with an Advantage

Our geofencing services run circles around IP targeting, you can engage your audience with static ads or OTT video ads.

Geofencing Affordability

When you consider how many people you can engage at so many locations, at all different times of the day, the exponential reach of our geofencing services offers you more bang for your ad spend than any other online marketing strategy. You pick the scope of your campaign, and we provide the ROI.

On the Matter of Business…

You Need Mocentric

Your adspend won’t manage itself. We stretch every penny as far as it will go.

Superb Targeting

Geofencing enables you to put a virtual barrier around a specific location, which allows you to target competitors inside their own stores or show your ads to interested audiences within the confines of an event or even your own store.

Real-time, Real-life, Real Good

We provide you with data and analytics that demonstrate the behavior of our target audience over the past 3-6 months, allowing you to make real-time modifications to your campaign.

Adjustable Campaigns

The number of people you engage is limited only by your need and ad spend. If you want to geofence the whole USA, you can do it. If you want to target one city block or a single dog park, you can do that, too.

Results with Efficacy

All our geofencing strategies are rigorously tested over and over again. We are dedicated to ensuring our strategies work, and we will provide results that exceed your expectations.

Unique Campaigns

After consulting with you to know exactly what you need, we will design a geofencing marketing strategy specifically for your brand, tailored to your unique specifications and budget.

Bang for Your Buck

You define the scope: any size and number of locations, any number of audiences. The only limit is the extent of your reach and how much you want to spend to get there.

The Geofencing Advantage

Our geofencing services are versatile enough to let you pinpoint a specific audience, at a precise location, with a particular ad that defines a very specific deal or premium offer. You can target a local audience with one version of the offer, and another audience with a slightly different offer. You can reach your audience on a number of advertising platforms, and on any of the devices your audience prefers to use.

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how our geofencing services in Jacksonville can make you money.

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