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What is OTT Overview?

Over the top (OTT) allows you to reach online viewers with video ads at any time of the day and on any of the streaming services your target audience views—Pluto, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, etc. It’s the perfect strategy to engage consumers who consistently get their video content online. Give our Jacksonville OTT advertising company a call for a consultation today!

OTT is Effective and Direct

On phones, on tablets, on home TVs—you can get your video ads in front of millions of viewers on an ever-increasing list of online streaming platforms that depend on advertising.

OTT Platforms Everywhere

Over The Top platforms are apps or websites that allow online users to stream video content 24/7, from any location—Netflix, YouTube TV, Peacock, Prime Video, Roku, Firestick.

Get a Step Ahead with the Advantage of OTT Advertising

Your Target Audience is Waiting

Shopping online and video streaming have become social norms, and you can get your brand in front of audiences not just where they view most of their content but also where they tend to shop.

Knowledge on Demand

We provide you data that shows what content your target audience watches, when they’re watching, and what devices they use for their streaming. You have total knowledge and control.

Defined Targeting

You define the parameters for your target audience, and we find out where they are and what they watch so you can tailor your video ads directly to their wants and needs.

Measurable Metrics

Know your traffic rates, click rates, impressions, conversions, and where you stand against your competitors with real-time performance monitoring for your OTT campaign.

Creative Advantage

We’ll design creative ads from all formats—video, static, banner—to give you the opportunity to engage your audience on the myriad platforms they use to access streaming content.

Precise Engagement

Knowing the online viewing patterns and consumer behaviors of your target audience, we can tailor a campaign that is exclusive to your brand and operates on a granular level.

Real-time Analysis

We collect detailed insights from a wide array of data sets that determine what parts of your campaign work and which ones do not. We then make adjustments to improve performance.

Tailored Targeting

We design ads that will appeal exclusively to your target audience, aimed at their demonstrated online behaviors and identifiable browsing patterns.

The Mocentric Advantage

Our expertise and dedication to over the top & CTV marketing in Jacksonville sets us apart from our competitors! We don’t just spend your money and deliver some results. We use data to optimize your campaign and push your adspend for maximum return.

Industry Pathfinders

We’ve helped define industry protocols and best practices by working with major companies like Caesars Entertainment, Subway, Ford Motor Company, and many others.

Your Exclusive Strategy

You aren’t like everyone else, and they’re not like you, which is why we tailor your campaign exclusively to your brand—your parameters, your target audience, your budget.

Measured Results

Our Jacksonville OTT advertising company has helped thousands of clients realize lucrative success in their online marketing, and we have the data to prove it.

Precision with a Purpose

Meticulous research goes into your strategy before we put it on the internet. We want your campaign to succeed and for you to realize the best ROI for your buck!

The Proof is in the Pudding

Our customer dashboard gives you full access to your campaign 24/7, so no matter where you are at any given moment, you will know in real-time how well your OTT strategy is working.

Let our Jacksonville OTT advertising company build you a video ad campaign that takes you over the top. Reach out and let’s start a discussion about getting your brand in front of an online audience just waiting for you.

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