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What is OTT in advertising?

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming services like Hulu, Peacock, Discovery+, and a host of others allow viewers to bypass regular TV and access their favorite video content online, at any time, day or night. Streaming services offer advertisers the opportunity to engage those viewers with highly targeted video advertising without having to worry about geographic boundaries or broadcast schedules.

Does OTT advertising work?

Nielsen, the foremost leader in audience measurements and consumer behavior analytics, reports that 42% of the U.S. population regularly views online video content. With that increase in online streaming, your audience is virtually “locked in” to view your ads on their favorite streaming platform.

OTT platforms

OTT streaming services are available to viewers who directly stream media from the internet, with the convenience to watch their desired content at any time. OTT platforms include services such as Tubi, Hulu, Roku, Sling TV, Vudu, and many others.

Can OTT advertising help your business?

A receptive target audience

As more viewers “cut the cord”—cancel their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming online video—your brand can take advantage of targeting specific audiences across a broad range of highly popular online streaming platforms (Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, etc.).

Data transparency

Our analytics will help you to know what platform and device your target audience is using, what content they are viewing, and at what time they are viewing it. With that information, you can specifically target your audience for an optimal ROI.

Target specific content

Our Seattle OTT advertising company will identify the primary online and offline platforms on which your audience is active to ensure your ads appear on those specific platforms.

Measurable metrics

With detailed metrics—i.e., impressions, conversions, gross rating points—you can track the performance of your OTT campaign to determine the return on your investment.

Creative agility

Our creative marketing team will design a set of ads in various formats (video and image ads) that will perform on all devices, and which will be targeted directly to your audience.

Knowledge through analytics

We will compile extensive data to create the analytics that will provide you with detailed insight into what is and what is not working in your OTT campaign. Our Seattle OTT advertising experts will track the usage, demographics, and browsing behaviors of various users to identify the optimum target audience for your brand.

Exclusive experience

We will design ads personalized to your brand that are also tailored creatively to your target audience to create the perfect match between you and the viewer.

Why the Mocentric team?

We make sure your OTT campaign is worth your time and money!

Why the Mocentric team?

We make sure your OTT campaign is worth your time and money!

Innovative leaders

Our OTT advertising company serving Seattle is highly trusted by brands like Westin Hotels & Resorts, Ford, Caesars Entertainment, Subway, and many other big hitters.

Brand-specific strategies

What works for your brand might not work for another brand and vice versa, which is why our OTT advertising company in Seattle goes a step beyond other digital marketing companies to develop an advertising campaign specifically for your brand and your target audience. We do the research so you don’t get a one-size-fits-all solution.

Proven services

We’ve been in the business long enough and have worked with such a diversity of clients that we’ve compiled extensive data and have tested numerous strategies to determine what works and what does not. We have the numbers to prove it!

Foolproof marketing campaigns

At Mocentric, we test our digital marketing strategies rigorously before we launch your campaign. This diligence and dedication to your success is our assurance that your ad spend performs with exceptional ROI.

100% measurable results

You can track the progress and performance of your campaign in real time, 24/7 through our customer support dashboard.

The longer you wait to immerse your brand in the innovative marketing strategies of OTT advertising the more your competition gets a head start on you. Contact Mocentric today and let our Seattle over the top & CTV marketing experts help your brand evolve way beyond the box of outdated tradition.

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