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Programmatic advertising: the nuts and bolts

Programmatic advertising utilizes software that automates the process of buying digital advertising through real-time bidding. Unlike purchasing ads manually from traditional sources such as newspapers, magazines, and radio, programmatic advertising allows you to purchase digital impressions via apps, search engines, and websites.

Our Philadelphia programmatic ad agency will help scale your business

Stay in the loop

Knowing the sites where your ads appear allows you to track the performance of those ads, the cost of those ads, and the type of audience who has viewed them.


With location-based data, you can target a particular audience demographic that displays certain online browsing and purchasing patterns within a designated location. This helps you create enticing ads to convince that audience to walk into your business.

Real-time bidding

Real-time bidding lets you know the performance of your campaign the moment it is launched.

Scale your reach

Our top programmatic advertising company serving Philadelphia will extend your digital reach with faster click-through rates. We develop exclusive advertising strategies that target your ideal audience in real time.

Aim for high volume websites and apps

By targeting customers based on their purchasing intent on the websites they visit most, your marketing strategy gains greater agility and effectiveness.

Cutting-edge, customizable ads

Define your funnel based on the browsing and transaction history of your audience, and engage them with dynamic banner ads that appeal directly to them.

Behavioral targeting

We are one of Philadelphia’s top programmatic advertising agencies because we directly target your ads to only those people whose online habits have demonstrated an interest in services and products like yours.

Greater reach across multiple marketing channels

Multi-channel marketing lets you expand your advertising reach across any number of platforms and touchpoints, and on the devices your audience uses (smartphones, laptops, tablets, streaming devices, etc.).

Data-driven customizable ads

Identify your ideal audience based on their previous transaction and browsing histories, and engage them with creative banner ads at the right time and place.

It’s all about applying the proper math. We use digital advertising and marketing algorithms to ensure your ads appear only to your intended audience, at a specific place, and at a specific time. Targeting high-traffic DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms), we set up the criteria to scan for advertising sites and apps that hit the mark for your target audience, and let the DSP bid for space and to then place your ad. It all happens in the blink of an eye. It may sound difficult, but we have the process down to a science.

Programmatic advertising identifies and targets your specific audience at the nanolevel and pushes your brand across boundless possibilities. From data-driven analytics, our experts at Mocentric will launch your campaign toward only those sites and apps with the greatest traffic and highest relevance to your business.

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Mocentric Expands Your Possibilities

We make your time and money reach beyond the limits!

Knowledge and Awareness

Our Philadelphia programmatic advertising agency has explored new frontiers in digital marketing for more than a decade, and our continuing mission is to share our expertise in paid marketing and digital advertising with you.

Brand-specific campaigns

One size never fits all. In a data-driven world, only the criteria specific to you and your brand will get the job done. That’s why we custom tailor a campaign exclusive to you.

Hitting the mark

We’ve tracked our own success, this is why we are one of Philadelphia’s top programmatic advertising companies. Over the last 10 years, we’ve led more than 15,000,000 customers through the front doors of our clients’ businesses.


We don’t care whether you’re big or small or how complicated your vision is; the marketing solutions we design specifically for you are aimed toward achieving the best results. We partner with you to determine the best practices for your business, and then we launch your campaign toward success.


So many intricacies are involved in programmatic advertising that it can often boggle your mind. Our agency has all the processes down to a science and is dedicated to remaining up to date with all the latest technology, developments, and innovations. Often, we lead the way!

Evolving strategies

We’re experts in DSP advertising, and we know how to keep your message fresh to avoid boring your audience with your brand and its ads.

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