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Mobile Marketing for Precision Location Targeting

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Understanding Geofencing

Geofencing is a cutting-edge tool that lets businesses target a specific audience whose online activities match what your brand offers. This technology targets people within a certain geographical area—like your business, a competitor’s location, or any other place. We offer business owners geofencing advertising services in the Chicago area that ensure your ads reach people who are most likely to become your customers.

Mocentric: Revolutionizing Traditional Advertising

Drive Local Foot Traffic to Increase Sales

Create a virtual “fence” near your business. When local customers in Chicago enter your geofenced advertising area, they’ll see your ad on their devices.

Shape Your Brand’s Reach

Whether targeting locals, people in different areas, or international customers, our geofencing advertising services for Chicago have no boundaries.

Gain an Edge Over Competitors

Set up a virtual fence around the locations of your competitors, positioning your brand as an attractive alternative right where it matters most.

Engage Directly With Your Audience

Develop ads that connect with your audience and engage them the moment they enter your designated area.

Choose the Right Event and Location

Select specific events, dates, and times in Chicago with location targeting to reach your audience at conferences, trade shows, or other industry gatherings.

Designed for Direct Engagement

Create compelling ads that engage your target audience, allowing interaction on their devices at any time, from anywhere.

Maximize Impact and Conversion Rates

Our aim is to make every ad interaction count, ensuring your budget is spent on reaching only interested consumers.

Reach Your Audience Anytime, Anywhere

Your message can reach your audience regardless of what platforms or devices they use, their location, or the time they access them.

Outperform IP Targeting With Precise Location Targeting in Chicago

While IP targeting can be hit-or-miss, our refined geofencing advertising services in Chicago provide consistent precision, making your ad dollars go further.

Geofencing for Strategic Ad Budget Allocation

You’re in control of your ad budget and target audience. We pinpoint your audience in their specific locations, while you enjoy watching your ROI grow.

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Mocentric: Maximizing Your Ad Efficiency

Our experts design geofencing campaigns with a singular focus: boosting your ROI.

Pinpoint Audience Targeting

We define every aspect: your target audience, where to engage them, and when. Our job is to ensure seamless execution.

Focus on Online Behavior

By concentrating on consumers who show interest in your products or services online, our geofencing ensures an efficient and effective ad spend.

Direct Marketing at Its Best

You have the power to reach a specific audience in targeted locations, at any time, with custom-designed ads.

Rigorous Assessment and Refinement

We collect relevant data, allowing our geofencing specialists to analyze, test, and refine strategies to ensure the efficacy and success of your campaign.

Customized Campaigns for Unique Businesses

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all in advertising. That’s why we tailor a unique campaign for your business, adaptable to your changing needs.

Global Budget Expansion

You set your ad budget, and we connect with your audience globally.

Real-Time Data for Measurable Success

Trust Chicago’s geofencing advertising experts at Mocentric to provide real-time metrics to monitor your campaign’s success and make adjustments as needed, keeping you ahead of the curve in meeting your audience’s changing preferences and behaviors.

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