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The Technology of Geofencing

Geofencing advertising allows Seattle businesses to precisely identify an audience with online interests that match their products or services. Engage this audience within specific geographical limits, whether it’s your store, a rival’s establishment, or any other chosen area in Seattle. Using geofencing advertising, you can ensure your promotional content reaches those most likely to make a purchase, deciding when and how frequently they view these promotions.

Mocentric geofencing advertising services for Seattle area clients transcend traditional advertising boundaries

Increased Local Traffic Boosts Sales

Establish a virtual boundary around your Seattle location with location targeting. When consumers enter this zone, they promptly receive your advertisement on their mobile devices.

Choose Your Brand Reach

Whether reaching out to the local Seattle community, connecting with individuals in a different city, or even reaching out globally, Mocentric’s geofencing solutions are limitless in reach.

Gain Advantage Over the Competition

Establish virtual zones around competitors in Seattle with Geofencing advertising. This method allows you to advertise to their clientele, presenting your offerings as an appealing alternative.

Direct Contact With Your Audience

Craft content that resonates with your intended audience, initiating interaction as soon as they enter your specified zone.

Define the Moment and the Location

Select a distinct event, specify the day, and choose the starting time to connect with participants as they gather for industry events in Seattle.

Specifically Targeted for Direct Engagement

Craft compelling advertisements for your chosen demographic, ensuring they engage with them at any time, any day, regardless of their location.

Solid Impressions and More Conversions

We focus on driving your ads toward genuinely interested parties, maximizing every penny of your advertising budget.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever

No matter the devices or the timing of your audience’s online activity, they can be presented with your promotional content.

Geofencing Precision Beats IP Targeting

While IP targeting occasionally hits its target, our strategy is optimized to perfection, promising enhanced reach and more efficient utilization of your advertising funds.

Geofencing Lets You Specifically Allocate Your Ad Spend

Take control of your advertising finances, pinpoint your desired audience, and watch as we utilize geofencing to its maximum potential, observing your ROI grow exponentially.

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Mocentric Equals Effective Ad Spend

Our seasoned team designs geofencing advertising strategies for Seattle area businesses with one core goal: to maximize your ROI.

On-Point Targeting

We zero in on your target audience, decide the engagement location targeting and time in Seattle, and ensure every strategy unfolds seamlessly.

Target Patterns and Behavior

Our tailored strategy ensures you only reach individuals with a genuine online interest in your offerings, so every dollar spent is worthwhile.

Marketing Can’t be Any More Direct

Engage with a specified demographic at identified Seattle locations, at predetermined times, using advertisements uniquely tailored for them.


Our methodology is thorough. Relevant metrics are collected, enabling our geofencing experts to evaluate, iterate, and optimize to confirm the effectiveness of your campaign.

A Campaign for You and Only You

Every strategy we shape is uniquely tailored to your brand’s needs, designed with flexibility to cater to changing demands.

Stretch Your Dollars Beyond Borders

Determine your geofencing advertising budget in the Seattle area, and we’ll make sure your brand communicates with your target wherever they might be on the globe.

Real-Time Data Shows Efficacy

Access live data to track your campaign’s progress. Using these insights, we continually adjust strategies to ensure you remain aligned with your audience’s changing needs.

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