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Mobile Advertising Targeted to Specific Areas

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Understanding Geofencing

Geofencing harnesses cutting-edge technology to allow companies to concentrate on a demographic showing online activities that match your product or service offerings. This targeted group is then reached within a specific geographic boundary, such as your business location, a competitor’s store, or any other area. Geofencing ensures your advertisements are seen by those most likely to turn into customers, anytime and anywhere.

Mocentric elevates traditional marketing boundaries with geofencing advertising services in Miami.

Drive Local Foot Traffic to Increase Sale

Create a “fence” around your business area. When local shoppers in the Miami area enter your geofenced zone, they will see your advertisement on their mobile devices.

Shape Your Brand’s Presence

Whether aiming to reach locals, people from afar, or even an international clientele, our Miami geofencing advertising solutions have no boundaries.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Local targeted advertising in the Miami area lets you draw a “fence” around the locations of your local competitors, positioning your brand as an attractive option right where it matters most.

Direct Engagement With Your Target Market

Develop advertisements that connect with your audience and draw them in the moment they enter the designated area.

Select the Event and Place

Choose a specific event, date, and start time to captivate your audience as they participate in conferences, trade shows, or any related gatherings.

Designed for Direct Engagement

Design advertisements that capture your intended demographic, fostering interaction on their devices at any moment and any place.

Maximized Impact and Increased Conversion Rates

Our strategy is to ensure your advertising dollars are not wasted on the disinterested. Our aim is to make every interaction count.

Universal Reach Across All Devices

Your message can reach your audience no matter what services or devices they use, wherever they are, and at whatever time they choose to use them.

Superior Accuracy With Geofencing Over IP Targeting

While IP targeting has its moments, we refine your ad campaigns for pinpoint accuracy, offering you more value for your ad spend.

Geofencing for Precise Ad Budget Allocation

You hold the reins over your advertising budget, choosing precisely who you target. We pinpoint your audience in their specific locations, allowing you to sit back and see your return on investment climb.

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Mocentric Ensures Your Ad Spend Is Effective

Our team crafts a geofencing campaign focused on one thing: boosting your return on investment.

Laser-Sharp Targeting

We predefined everything: who your audience is, where to engage them geographically, and when. We make sure the execution of location targeting for your Miami business is seamless.

Focusing on Online Behavior

Geofencing is both highly targeted and cost-effective, as your campaign is visible only to those whose online behavior indicates a real interest in what you offer, thus maximizing your ad spend efficiency.

Direct Marketing at Its Finest

You can reach a specific audience, in specific locations, at any given time with ads specially designed to appeal to their interests.


We collect relevant data, enabling our Miami geofencing advertising specialists to analyze, assess, reevaluate, and refine the strategy to ensure your campaign’s success.

Custom Campaigns Tailored to Your Business

What works for one company in geofencing might not work for another. That’s why we create a unique campaign for your business, flexible to meet changing needs.

Stretch Your Ad Budget Worldwide

Your advertising budget is in your control, and we ensure your message reaches your audience, no matter their global location.

Immediate Metrics for Measured Success

We offer real-time data to monitor the success of your campaign and refine it as needed, keeping you ahead of the curve in meeting your audience’s changing preferences and behaviors.

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